A tale of two women (who had droopy eyelids)

A tale of two women (who had droopy eyelids)

Once upon a time there were two beautiful women living in Boston. They both were well educated, well-traveled and led an active lifestyle.  When they turned 50  they began developing the same issue – droopy eyelids.  

Droopy eyelids don’t make anyone super attractive. So what to do? How to solve this problem?

One woman started researching plastic surgeons and in a few months she had an eyelid surgery. The problem was solved for $5,000 and a couple of weeks of recovery time. She was happy. 

Another woman decided to take a different approach. She joined Phace Gym. She exercised 20 minutes every day 5 days a week and after 3 months she had results comparable with plastic surgery – all for $65 a month. She was extremely happy. She had other positive effects and in general was now looking at least 10 years younger.

One problem – two different solutions? Which one would you choose? 

Stress, health and beauty

Stress, health and beauty

Stress doesn’t look good on anyone. When you are in a stressful situation your body becomes tight and your face looks tense, none of this adds to our beauty and well-being. 

But what is stress? To me stress is our reaction to reality when it doesn’t meet our expectations. Most of the time there  is a  gap between our idea of how things should be and the reality. But sometimes this gap becomes bigger than we are ready to accept and this is how we become stressed out. In other words we generate stress when we don’t like the reality and try to resist it. Of course, you can resist as much as you want but reality will always win. 

When you have strong reactions to the gaps between your ideas of reality and reality itself you live in constant 3F state (fight, flight or freeze). This is not a natural state for you to be but since your body has no choice it adjusts, and when it does our body begin to function creatively. So instead of using the direct routes for nutrients and oxygen supply it uses detours. This supply chain is not efficient and eventually it can experience all sorts of issues, and when it does we have health problems and don’t look our best. 

So yes, try to eliminate as much stress from your life as you can or look at stress differently (aka try to close the gap between your idea of reality and the reality – also a possibility).

Habits and motions

Habits and motions

Due to increase of lifespan and advances in the medical science in the last several decades, the movement against aging has become one of the main preoccupations in our society.  

Rejuvenating procedures and treatments, which are focused on  “restoration to a previous state” – play a key role in this movement. We are trying not only to stop time but also reverse it by using a variety of treatments, tools, procedures, modalities and techniques. In other words we are trying to bring closer our Subjective age and the way we look. 

When you observe your habitual poses, how you sit, how you walk, how you work, how you talk on the phone, perhaps you noticed habits that possibly led to the gradual change in your posture, or appearance of the neck or the forehead? 

As the saying goes, 

Watch your words, they become actions; 

Watch your actions, they become habits; 

Watch your habits, they become character; 

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Often our actions and motions are triggered by stress and produce 3F effect – fight, fly or freeze responses. After years of living in the stress driven environment our brain begins considering stress and associated responses as (new) normal, and this is where the brain-body disconnect happens.

You are never too old to be young, healthy,  beautiful and successful!

You are never too old to be young, healthy, beautiful and successful!

I will be repeating this again, and again, and again. Because I truly believe in this and I want you to believe in this too. Despite your current circumstances, your upbringing, your experience, your background, your education, your country of origin, your profession and most of all your age.

One of my childhood memories of my Mom and her girlfriends was that they called each other grandmas. Hey, Grandma Galina! Hello, Grandma NIna! It was a joke  but I did not like it. They were young, beautiful, professional women, mostly doctors (most of my Mom’s friends were her colleagues) in their late 30s – early 40s with pre-school and school age children – not grandmas by any means, yet they were minimizing themselves and their abilities by declaring that they are old, fragile and incapable. At least this is how I perceived it and this rubbed me in the wrong direction. 

So ever since when I witnessed that a woman in her 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond is told she is old it triggers the same feeling: minimizing the women’s importance, role and everlasting beauty because of her age did not agree with me. I immediately want to jump between her and the person who puts her in the “old” category and say: Stop it! Immediately! She is not old! Sometimes I even want to punch this person in the nose. I never did although.

I believe that women don’t have to age according to the (outdated) society norms and  give up on themselves and their dreams – ever.  

This is why I help women to stay young, healthy and beautiful by providing inspiration, education and practical tools. And while self-confidence is an internal state, sometimes you need a little bit of the external boost to feel better about yourself. The mirror effect – also known as Look Better, Feel Better – is a powerful tool. 

Phace Gym routines are one of the skill sets that I equipe women with. They learn how regular face and neck exercises can transform the way they look and feel. 

Why to exercise muscles on the face and neck?

Why to exercise muscles on the face and neck?

While face and neck restorative practices and modalities are slowly getting noticed by the public eye, they are still far from going mainstream. Many people are still wondering if the face and neck exercises are really working and can make a difference in the way we look and feel.

This situation reminds me of the beginning of the fitness era.

It is hard to imagine, but it  took many decades for modern society to realize the benefits of physical exercises: before the 70s people didn’t really exercise regularly, and not until the 80s the North American fitness movement hit its full “craze” status.

Facial muscles are also muscles, and as any other muscles in the body they benefit from physical activities and massages. Daily face and neck exercises allow us to gradually restore facial muscles and remove unwanted folds, lines and wrinkles.  

I have been working in the field of dermatology and regenerative medicine for eight years, and I invested over 15 years in my personal anti-aging research, which led to endless self-experimentation and discoveries of the best anti-aging practices, everyday rules, lifestyle modifications, and restorative techniques and modalities. I also tested different face and neck exercises and sequences, and as a result I created a simple anti-aging face exercise program Phace Gym that is suitable for everyone who is interested in looking younger and feeling happier regardless of their age. 

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