Zen Mastery

Stress management plays a significant role in my Aging in Reverse protocol. The better I handle it, the better it is for my overall well-being. Becoming a Zen Master would be the most preferable outcome. And no, it doesn’t mean I plan to pack my bags and head to Tibet, seeking enlightenment through meditation in a remote cave atop a hard-to-reach mountain. All I wanted was to find a better balance within myself and the world around me, bring more clarity into my life, and enhance my focus, productivity, and resilience against getting easily upset. My goal was to complain less and smile more. In other words, to lead a life with less stress. So, in my understanding of mastering Zen, a Zen Master is someone skilled at managing stress. They don’t get too worked up about past events or overly worried about the future. Instead, they navigate through stressful situations with calmness and grace.
I tried. For many years, I gave it my best but failed again and again. I could not manage stress with calmness and grace. Even when calm and collected on the surface, I often experienced a hurricane inside. I was a stress-handling failure. Not exactly the Zen Master material. 

Then, I stumbled upon a TED talk where an emergency room doctor explained that not every stressor requires the same level of reaction. That was an actual “aha” moment for me.


In the past, I didn’t distinguish between various stressors. If a situation was stressful, I reacted to it. There are instances where an immediate reaction is crucial (it could save your life). However, many situations that trigger intense reactions don’t deserve such heightened intensity.

I discovered the importance of not reacting equally strongly to all stressors. Instead, I learned to mentally scale them from 1 to 10, with 1 signifying something minor and 10 representing a significantly major stressor (I developed this concept based on the ER triage priority level approach). This simple classification of stressors makes a huge difference for me. If I mark something as 2 or 3, I don’t even bother to react. Next months will be an excellent time to practice this approach as a part of daily yoga challenge. I encourage you to try it too. 

You look great for your weight.

Once, I received an unusual compliment that left me pondering. Somebody said, “You look great for your weight.” Taken aback, I thought, “My weight?” However, I soon realized that I had misheard them. The actual compliment was, “You look great for your age.”

This encounter made me question why “looking good for your age” doesn’t feel like a genuine compliment but more like an accusation. While I’m proud of my age, looking good shouldn’t be tied to it. You wouldn’t tell a baby, “You look good for being 6 months old,” or a twenty-something, “You look great for 25.” So, why should age be used as a qualifier for compliments?

Perhaps, a more effective and genuine way to compliment someone is by leaving age out of the equation altogether. When someone says, “You look great” or “You look fantastic,” the compliment becomes universally appealing and inclusive, regardless of age. This approach celebrates individual beauty and confidence without unnecessary comparisons to age-related norms.

So, when someone compliments you with “You look good for your age,” how do you take it? 

Which Frog Are You?

In the end of July, I visited to a friend living in Brookline, MA, during her birthday month. To celebrate and catch up, I invited my friend, whom I’ll call Greta, to a restaurant. As our orders arrived at the table, I took out my phone to snap pictures of the food. “This is for my July challenge,” I explained to Greta. “I have to share pictures of my meals with our Facebook group every day.”

Greta seemed puzzled, so I elaborated, “I created the 12 Months Younger program, where we embark on 12 monthly challenges to develop healthy habits. Each month, we focus on one aspect of self-improvement. In May, it was all about walking 10,000 steps. For June, it was staying hydrated and tracking our daily water intake. And now, in July, the challenge is to eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You should give it a try!”

To my surprise, my friend responded with unexpected skepticism, “Tania, this is silly. Why bother with all of this? I eat what I want, and I’m doing fine. Sure, I’ve gained some weight over the years, but it’s just a natural part of aging. There’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

Her dismissive attitude caught me off guard, and I couldn’t help but respond, “Nothing you can do about it? That’s not entirely true! While we can’t stop aging altogether, we can certainly influence the rate at which it occurs.”

Greta remained adamant, countering, “It’s all nonsense. All efforts to slow down aging are pointless.”

I disagreed, saying, “Maybe you can’t halt the process entirely, but you can certainly make a significant difference in how you age.” Despite our long conversation, I couldn’t change Greta’s mind. We remain on opposite sides of what is possible in the Age of New Beginnings (a term I discuss in detail in my upcoming book “Over 50 and Fabulous”).

This wasn’t the first time I had encountered such discussions with skeptics who doubted the potential for a vibrant life after the age of 50. Nonetheless, I remain steadfast in my beliefs. I see myself as the optimistic frog in the tale of two frogs trapped in a jar of milk. While the pessimistic frog gave up and drowned, I prefer to keep striving, just like the optimistic frog who turned the milk into cream and saved herself. To me, it’s all about embracing the possibilities and making the most of every moment. Yes, it also involves modifying your life by adding healthy routines and eliminating unhealthy habits.

So, which frog are you? Are you the one who embraces change, embraces possibilities, and takes charge of your own well-being, or are you the one who gives in to doubt and allows the currents of life to sweep you away? 

Radiant Transformation: Tatiana’s Journey with Phace Gym

Let me share with you the remarkable journey that led to the birth of Phace Gym, starting with my friend Tatiana. Tatiana is a couple of years older than me, and we share many common interests, including decluttering, which I write about extensively in my book “12 Months Younger”.

One day, Tatiana invited me to join her at a local library for a decluttering workshop—a perfect opportunity for us to delve deeper into our shared passion. Little did I know that this workshop would mark the beginning of a significant turning point in our lives. As the workshop concluded, the organizers approached Tatiana, expressing their gratitude for her attendance and for bringing her daughter along.

Surprised by the misconception, Tatiana corrected them, saying, “She’s not my daughter; she’s my friend.” I couldn’t help but feel a wave of awkwardness wash over me. The incident left me wondering how such misunderstandings could arise repeatedly.

A couple of weeks later, Tatiana invited me on an adventure to a nearby farm to gather fresh eggs. Upon our arrival, the farmer greeted us warmly, complimenting Tatiana for bringing her daughter to experience the farm. At that moment, I feared losing my dear friend due to the recurring misperception.

However, to my surprise, Tatiana responded with grace and openness. She turned to me and said, “Please teach me what you do and show me your face exercises.” It was at that precise moment that the seeds of Phace Gym were sown.
in 2019 Tatiana became my first student, and she has remained dedicated to practicing face exercises ever since. Through consistent practice and dedication, Tatiana’s transformation was undeniable—she radiated beauty and vitality. No longer did anyone mistake us for mother and daughter, as my friend’s rejuvenated appearance spoke volumes about the efficacy of face exercises.

Tatiana’s incredible journey became the catalyst for the establishment of Phace Gym. Today, we strive to empower individuals like Tatiana to unlock their natural beauty through targeted facial exercises. Our mission is to provide comprehensive guidance, expert advice, and proven techniques to help people enhance their facial tone, reduce signs of aging, and embrace their unique radiance.

As we look back on our humble beginnings, we celebrate the friendship that sparked the creation of Phace Gym. Tatiana’s unwavering belief and commitment paved the way for countless others to embark on their own transformative journeys, harnessing the power of face exercises to reveal their inner beauty.

Join us at Phace Gym, where we combine science, passion, and friendship to help individuals embrace their true beauty and shine like never before. Together, let us embark on a journey that transcends misconceptions, unlocks potential, and celebrates the power of self-care.

Why 2023 can be truly remarkable 

As a new year begins, we have hopes and aspirations that fill us with positivity and energy – our possibilities seem virtually limitless! We have big dreams, brilliant ideas, and incredible goals. Yet sometimes, it’s easy to lose motivation along the way. One reason is the human mind is very sophisticated in finding excuses. You can easily explain why you cannot go to the gym and “replace” exercises with a piece of cake and a glass or two of wine (you had a hard day and deserve a treat – this is the most common excuse). 

Another reason for non-acting is your goals require a significant change, and your brain is protecting you from the unknown. Your brain knows what’s best for you; it recognizes that taking a leap into the unknown could be an uncertain path, so instead of embracing risk with open arms, it encourages maintaining your current status quo. 

But what if we move from massive changes and feelings overwhelmed to focusing on one task, such as eliminating added sugar from our diet? Just for a month. Sure, it is challenging – many of us have sugar addiction even without realizing it, but it is doable. A challenge has start and end dates, so it is not a lifelong commitment. You can do it for 30 days, taking one day at a time. Baby steps will bring you to your goal. 

At the same time, 30 days is enough time to create a habit. Your brain will assume that not eating sugar is the new normal, and if you feel good, you will continue with your new healthy eating.

This year, we decided to make each month a chance for personal growth and transformation – 12 monthly self-improvement challenges!

We began in January with the Added Sugar Detox challenge – and some brave souls even took it up another notch by omitting added not only sugar but also wine and fast carbs. It’s an opportunity to take control of the foods in our life, eat healthier and lose extra weight. 
Next month is your chance to join the I Feel Good About My Neck course and restore your confidence. Women who participated in the first round of this course in November 2022 continue with a resounding chorus of “I love my neck!”. Now, it’s time for you, too – don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity.

In March, we’ll embark on an exciting journey of tidying up, making space for more meaningful moments, and gaining clarity in our lives!

If you want to make 2023 truly remarkable, please contact me.

Be well and beautiful!

New Year, New Class!

I am very excited to let you know that I prepred a present for you!
By popular demand, starting on Monday, January 4th all full time students will be able to attend a new 7 pm EST class. Class will be conducted in English.
I will send the invitation for a new class in a couple days.
The invitation will also be available on the membership site.
To join Phace Gym with a 2-week free trial please click here:
I look forward to getting younger together and making 2021 the year of real magical transformations. 

Be well! Be healthy! Be beautiful!

A tale of two women (who had droopy eyelids)

A tale of two women (who had droopy eyelids)

Once upon a time there were two beautiful women living in Boston. They both were well educated, well-traveled and led an active lifestyle.  When they turned 50  they began developing the same issue – droopy eyelids.  

Droopy eyelids don’t make anyone super attractive. So what to do? How to solve this problem?

One woman started researching plastic surgeons and in a few months she had an eyelid surgery. The problem was solved for $5,000 and a couple of weeks of recovery time. She was happy. 

Another woman decided to take a different approach. She joined Phace Gym. She exercised 20 minutes every day 5 days a week and after 3 months she had results comparable with plastic surgery – all for $65 a month. She was extremely happy. She had other positive effects and in general was now looking at least 10 years younger.

One problem – two different solutions? Which one would you choose? 

Stress, health and beauty

Stress, health and beauty

Stress doesn’t look good on anyone. When you are in a stressful situation your body becomes tight and your face looks tense, none of this adds to our beauty and well-being. 

But what is stress? To me stress is our reaction to reality when it doesn’t meet our expectations. Most of the time there  is a  gap between our idea of how things should be and the reality. But sometimes this gap becomes bigger than we are ready to accept and this is how we become stressed out. In other words we generate stress when we don’t like the reality and try to resist it. Of course, you can resist as much as you want but reality will always win. 

When you have strong reactions to the gaps between your ideas of reality and reality itself you live in constant 3F state (fight, flight or freeze). This is not a natural state for you to be but since your body has no choice it adjusts, and when it does our body begin to function creatively. So instead of using the direct routes for nutrients and oxygen supply it uses detours. This supply chain is not efficient and eventually it can experience all sorts of issues, and when it does we have health problems and don’t look our best. 

So yes, try to eliminate as much stress from your life as you can or look at stress differently (aka try to close the gap between your idea of reality and the reality – also a possibility).

Habits and motions

Habits and motions

Due to increase of lifespan and advances in the medical science in the last several decades, the movement against aging has become one of the main preoccupations in our society.  

Rejuvenating procedures and treatments, which are focused on  “restoration to a previous state” – play a key role in this movement. We are trying not only to stop time but also reverse it by using a variety of treatments, tools, procedures, modalities and techniques. In other words we are trying to bring closer our Subjective age and the way we look. 

When you observe your habitual poses, how you sit, how you walk, how you work, how you talk on the phone, perhaps you noticed habits that possibly led to the gradual change in your posture, or appearance of the neck or the forehead? 

As the saying goes, 

Watch your words, they become actions; 

Watch your actions, they become habits; 

Watch your habits, they become character; 

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Often our actions and motions are triggered by stress and produce 3F effect – fight, fly or freeze responses. After years of living in the stress driven environment our brain begins considering stress and associated responses as (new) normal, and this is where the brain-body disconnect happens.

You are never too old to be young, healthy,  beautiful and successful!

You are never too old to be young, healthy, beautiful and successful!

I will be repeating this again, and again, and again. Because I truly believe in this and I want you to believe in this too. Despite your current circumstances, your upbringing, your experience, your background, your education, your country of origin, your profession and most of all your age.

One of my childhood memories of my Mom and her girlfriends was that they called each other grandmas. Hey, Grandma Galina! Hello, Grandma NIna! It was a joke  but I did not like it. They were young, beautiful, professional women, mostly doctors (most of my Mom’s friends were her colleagues) in their late 30s – early 40s with pre-school and school age children – not grandmas by any means, yet they were minimizing themselves and their abilities by declaring that they are old, fragile and incapable. At least this is how I perceived it and this rubbed me in the wrong direction. 

So ever since when I witnessed that a woman in her 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond is told she is old it triggers the same feeling: minimizing the women’s importance, role and everlasting beauty because of her age did not agree with me. I immediately want to jump between her and the person who puts her in the “old” category and say: Stop it! Immediately! She is not old! Sometimes I even want to punch this person in the nose. I never did although.

I believe that women don’t have to age according to the (outdated) society norms and  give up on themselves and their dreams – ever.  

This is why I help women to stay young, healthy and beautiful by providing inspiration, education and practical tools. And while self-confidence is an internal state, sometimes you need a little bit of the external boost to feel better about yourself. The mirror effect – also known as Look Better, Feel Better – is a powerful tool. 

Phace Gym routines are one of the skill sets that I equipe women with. They learn how regular face and neck exercises can transform the way they look and feel. 

Why to exercise muscles on the face and neck?

Why to exercise muscles on the face and neck?

While face and neck restorative practices and modalities are slowly getting noticed by the public eye, they are still far from going mainstream. Many people are still wondering if the face and neck exercises are really working and can make a difference in the way we look and feel.

This situation reminds me of the beginning of the fitness era.

It is hard to imagine, but it  took many decades for modern society to realize the benefits of physical exercises: before the 70s people didn’t really exercise regularly, and not until the 80s the North American fitness movement hit its full “craze” status.

Facial muscles are also muscles, and as any other muscles in the body they benefit from physical activities and massages. Daily face and neck exercises allow us to gradually restore facial muscles and remove unwanted folds, lines and wrinkles.  

I have been working in the field of dermatology and regenerative medicine for eight years, and I invested over 15 years in my personal anti-aging research, which led to endless self-experimentation and discoveries of the best anti-aging practices, everyday rules, lifestyle modifications, and restorative techniques and modalities. I also tested different face and neck exercises and sequences, and as a result I created a simple anti-aging face exercise program Phace Gym that is suitable for everyone who is interested in looking younger and feeling happier regardless of their age. 

I run live classes at 9:30 am EDT (Boston/New-York) Monday through Friday!

To try Phace Gym for 2 weeks for free follow this link:

I also would like you to fill out the application form:


See you in the class! 

Wrinkle-free Forehead online course

This free course is dedicated to my friends in healthcare, my students-physicians, and other doctors, nurses, healthcare and frontline workers, as well as every woman on the planet who in recent months stepped out of their comfort zone, juggled innumerable tasks and became heroines in their own life.  

Wrinkle-free Forehead: Beauty Above the Mask

How to minimize forehead and worry lines without medical treatments and look younger naturally in 4 weeks.

Free Beta Course 

February 22nd to March 21st, 2021

Optimal results require two or more hours spread through each week 

About this Course

In recent months, a facemask became a staple in our wardrobe.
Women who wear it for 8+ hours a day could not help but notice the increase in the development of forehead and Glabellar lines, as well as fine lines around the eyes. The reason?  To communicate while masked we more frequently and intensively use the upper face muscles to convey emotions.  An unintended consequence of repetitive overactive muscle activity is the reason for the development of deeper forehead, worry and Crow feet lines. 
In addition, a high level of stress also contributes to premature forehead and worry lines development.  The result is pandemic related acceleration of facial aging. 

In this course we will focus on restoring the upper face. You will learn how to get rid of the unwanted wrinkles and keep them off for good.

Who this is for

This course is ideal for women over 35 who have started noticing forehead and worry lines and would like to minimize them without Botox and other invasive procedures.

Hi! I am Tania.
I am the founder of Rejuvenation Station and the creator of Phace Gym.
I help women over 35 to transform physically, mentally and emotionally by eliminating age-related self-doubts and making small but mighty changes and lifestyle modifications in their daily routines so they can stay young, healthy, confident and beautiful forever.  Together we can change the outdated age mentality and impact the world in a positive way. 

Participate for Free in this Beta Course that runs from February 22nd to March 21st, 2021

Unexpected gifts of 2020

Unexpected gifts of 2020

So, I was asked to describe 2020 in one word.  If you don’t know, this is a current Facebook trend circulating in several groups and personal posts.  Scroll down your Facebook news feed and you will see a post or two with this (or similar) proposition: Describe 2020 in one word. 

But can you describe the entire year, 366 days in one word? Especially when we are talking about 2020. While the year was nothing short of unusual if I label it as “unusual” or “strange” or “surreal” it will not tell a whole story – a story of confusion, stagnation, re-evaluation, resilience, strength, resourcefulness, coping, caring, adjusting, experimenting and finding unexpected gifts…. So instead of labeling 2020 in one word, I decided to describe it in several and explain them in detail.  Besides, looking back at the year is like writing your partial autobiography. So, here are my brief memoirs for 2020:

Marshmallow Experiment on a Global scale

The Stanford marshmallow experiment was a 1972 study on delayed gratification conducted by Stanford University psychology professor Walter Mischel. In this study, 5-year-old-s were offered a choice between one small but immediate reward (one marshmallow), or two small rewards if they waited for a few minutes (two marshmallows).

The experiment measured how well children could delay immediate gratification to receive greater rewards in the future—an ability that predicts success later in life.

To me, 2020 was a lot like that famous Sandford Marshmallow test where the entire population of the planet was involuntarily enrolled in the experiment. The question was: Do you want to get together with your family for the holidays now and possibly expose yourself and others to Covid-19, or you will stay strong, use technology and think about many more holidays together in the future. 

We had many plans for 2020 including plans to go to Russia to visit my Dad and sister and tour a bit through Europe while there. While our domestic and international travel plans for 2020 fell through, we are making new ones for 2021 and watching Rick Steve’s Europe for inspiration. 

Word #1 – Patience.

Space Ship Crew

In the 2016 movie Passengers, characters played by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt found themselves accidentally awakening from the medically programmed sleep during the 100-year trip to the new “Earth”.  While everyone else on the space ship, thousands of passengers, were soundly asleep in their non-defective sleep capsules, these two were able to overcome their initial displeasure with the situation, put aside their differences, and build a wonderful and meaningful life together.  Just two of them in the space ship.

2020 put many of us in a similar to the spaceship situation with the crew members of our immediate family on board to test and straighten our relationships. Since my daughter Yana moved out in March to stay with her boyfriend, there are only three of us in the house including a cat.  

2020 showed that nothing makes (or breaks) relationships like spending 24/7 in isolation and self-quarantine with no escape. Over the past several months we’ve learned to put aside our differences, cooperate, negotiate, compromise, and bring the best out of each other.

One of our teamwork accomplishments was the organic garden. It was a lot of work but we (and our friends and neighbors) enjoyed greens and vegetables from the garden until the late Fall. We also had an incredible harvest of raspberries and pears. 

Word #2 – Teamwork.

Home Alone – 2020

When I was little, one of my favorite books was  “Alice: the girl from Earth”, a book about an adventurous girl from the future. Alice was frequently using a videophone, apparently, a common handheld device that people of the 21ts century would use to video chat with others. Back then we had a black and white TV and a landline rotary dial phone so to me, this video chatting device was pure science fiction. Luckily, the technology made huge progress in the last 40 years and because of that, this year’s “stay at home” order did not mean solitary confinement. We can “play” with others all day long. Just not in person. Meetings, classes, webinars, conferences, courses, parties, celebration calls – thank Zoom, Google, Facebook, and other video and audio-conferencing platforms for helping us to stay connected. 

My husband (aka Dr. Klein) began seeing patients for psychotherapy sessions and family counseling online in March 2020. He is happy to keep helping his patients using technology and enjoys all the features of his virtual medical office. His inner Geek was awakening when he began working on his electronic patient forms. 

Word #3 -Technology

Wishes fulfilled

A magic wand is a very useful tool. You can wave it, say a few magical words, and voila – anything you wish will appear in front of your eyes. 

In case you don’t own a magic wand, but have access to the Internet – you are all set. Pretty much anything you wish (within a reason) can be yours in a matter of days. 

Thanks to USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Whole Food, and other companies for the door-to-door deliveries. I’ve never enjoyed and appreciated them as much as I did in 2020. 

There is something magical in the way the orders and deliveries work. Ask and it is given. Every single time without a failure. Unless there is a shortage or an item is out of stock, of course. 

Word #4 – Convenience. 

Frontline workers

While we were fortunate to be able to work (mostly) from home, the determination of the frontline workers is admired and appreciated beyond words. If not for the efforts of the medical professionals, police, firemen, grocery store workers, teaches, transportation workers, delivery personnel, nursing home workers, and many others, we won’t be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many thanks to all heroes out there!

Every time I do Loving Kindness meditation, I send my love and gratitude to all these wonderful people. 

Word #5 – Courage


This year’s Christmas presents represented the year and were different from what you could expect to usually find under the Christmas tree. For example, who would think about giving you a gift-wrapped box of luxury toilet paper last year? Toilet paper was a big hit this year as there was a shortage of it in the spring, so scoring a few rolls of toilet paper was a big win. 

Toilet paper and hand soap topped the (shopping) list of the most requested items, and things that were important before Covid-19 became less important for a simple reason: they had no use in a new reality. What do you need to stay at home in addition to food and household and personal care items? Comfortable clothes, a pair of sunglasses and good walking (preferably waterproof) shoes. And if you are presenting on Zoom? A nice top will be sufficient.  

I packed my business suits and office shoes in crates and move them up to the attic.  Maybe someday I will retrieve them again. 

I also packed quite a few pieces of old clothes and footwear and brought them to the donation boxes. I have a long way to go but I am determined to keep decluttering. 

Word #6 – Re-evaluation

Face masks

The face mask was another new commodity of 2020.  I found two gifts wrapped silk face masks under the tree this year. A thoughtful friend mailed them for Christmas. So far, I have collected quite a few face masks. Hopefully, in a few months, they will become obsolete. But for now, wearing a face mask is still a way to show that we care for one another. 

Word #7 – Caring


In January 2020 I joined SOMBA. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I liked Sigrun’s 12 masterclasses that I purchased previously and I wanted/needed to learn more about online business.  No disappointments here. I participated in two Kickstarts and as a result, created two 4-week courses. The first one was a trial course but my second course became a foundation of my book Forever Young, Forever Beautiful that I am writing now.

I’ve learned a great deal about online business and self-development, and most importantly I met many brilliant SOMBA women (and a couple of great men), including my wonderful buddy, Life, and Career Strategist Gabriela Calin, a fabulous social media manager Sally-Jay Norbury, an amazing interior designer Nuria Munozand a super-cool internationally renowned yoga and meditation teacher Katalin Galbovy – just to name a few. All ladies are located in Europe but time zones can be easily managed. 

I am planning to continue with SOMBA in 2021 as there is much more for me to learn from Sigrun, her team, and other inspiring SOMBAs. 

Word #8 – SOMBA

Health is the New Wealth

Health became very important this year. 

With more free time and a more flexible schedule, focusing on your health and wellbeing was a no-brainer. With health clubs and yoga studios being closed due to pandemic, regular walks became an integral part of my daily routine and 10,000s-steps a day became a daily norm.  A marketer who came up with a 10,000-step idea was a genius. 10,000 steps are a hard prize to make all these steps you have to walk for at least 90 minutes a day, and this takes an effort. 

Sleeping for at least 8 hours, staying in the Zen zone, meditating, and incorporating yoga practices and regular 5-minute activity breaks during the day became another priority. 

Not so long ago, there was a period in my life, when I did not feel that well. A high-stress job can affect even a very healthy person (as I considered myself for most of my life). However, in 2016 I started developing pains and for a couple of years, nothing I tried helped. And I tried quite a few things, from conventional medicine to new age remedies.  It’s only in 2019, when I left my job and started working for myself, I began seeing improvements. 

2020 gave me a much-needed break from the direct stress and helped to recover and restore my energy and physical, mental, and emotional strength. 

Word #9 – Wellbeing

Hello, UFO!

It was impossible to stay away from politics, because everything, all aspects of life were politicized – from pandemic to BLM to elections to Biden winning the presidency to vaccines to travel bans and face masks. Focusing on the White House turmoil and pandemic, we almost missed the exciting news about UFOs. The news was reported by military pilots from different countries stating the increased number of flying sources in the skies. 

Luckily, my husband keeps up with the UFO updates. He hopes that aliens will be contacting us soon. But this probably will be a good theme for the next year. 

Word #10 – Curiosity 

Business not as Usual

My company, Rejuvenation Station was closed for several months this year due to the state restrictions for medical spa operations during the pandemic.  We carefully re-opened at the end of June (according to the state reopening plan) and started treating patients at Blush Spa, but considering the circumstances and the unpredictability of the situation, there was no push for injectable business development.  However, it was incredible to learn that not only we did not lose a single patient – we were able to gain a few new patients referred to us by our existing patients – thanks to our terrific Master-Injector Justine Davis, RN, and her outstanding skills and talents.

All patients continue receiving the best possible treatments with the best products on the market from Allergan Aesthetics and DermaConcepts (Environ). 

Also, during the shutdown in the spring of 2020 Sally Social Marketing designed and launched our new state of the art website

Word #11 – Resilience

15 minutes a Day Keep Wrinkles Away

At certain phase of our life, we start paying closer attention to our face – and for a good reason. The face is the only part of our body that we cannot hide. It expresses our emotions and foremost feelings. Often, we are getting judged based on facial appearance. In our 20s we didn’t have to spend a lot of time and money taking care of the face. It is naturally perfect. However, with each new candle on the birthday cake, many of us start spending more time and resources taking care of our appearance.

While the face and neck exercises are a relatively new approach to anti-aging, it shows tremendous potential.  These specially designed exercises and massages give you the ability to achieve a non-surgical facelift without a high investment, discomfort, side effects, and inconvenience. Daily face and neck exercises allow us to gradually restore facial muscles and remove unwanted lines and wrinkles. Consistency is key.

I began developing the face and neck restorative system in 2012 and started teaching Phace Gym Live in September 2019. I had one student. 

In 2020 I taught two classes (9:30 am and 1 pm EST) and had almost 70 students in total from 10 different countries. In January 2021 – by popular demand – I am opening one more class (7 pm EST). Real people are getting real results by doing Phace Gym exercises just 15 minutes a day. 

My goal is to have at least 24 classes a day and thousands of students, who are interested in self-care and self-rejuvenation. And of course, looking younger myself without medical intervention is a great personal bonus. 

Word #12 – Progress

Have you heard that laugh can increase your lifespan?

Have you heard that laugh can increase your lifespan?

But do you know why?
We, humans, have a build in mechanism of releasing tension and stress. A good laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. Laughter boosts the immune system, decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, therefore improving your resistance to disease. Laugh hard and often. It is good for you! #laugh #laughoften #laughisgoodforyou #stressrelief #stressrelease #stressfree #phacegym