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We are focusing on helping women (and men) to look as young as they feel using a variety of treatments, methods and techniques. We like to see our patients and clients happy and pleased with their results.

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We go above and beyond to make our clients happy by providing exceptional services and outstanding customer care. Our patients and clients our first priority.

Rejuvenation Station is the only company that offers a range of beauty and restorative treatments and modalities from cosmetic injections to Phace Gym facial exercises to  1:1 coaching and group anti-aging education. We believe that looking younger is a skill set and we are here to help you to obtain it, either by finding us and having a treatment with one of our providers, or by learning from us and being coached by us.

Tania Klein, MA, MBA – Founder and  CEO 

Tania is an entrepreneur, anti-aging coach, and author on a mission to inspire women to take ownership of their health and youth. Through her writing and coaching, she aims to change how the world experiences being “over 50.”

She has over 20 years of healthcare management experience and two Master’s Degrees. Tania earned her Master’s Degree in Journalism from Saint Petersburg State University in Russia. In 2015 she graduated from Durham University Business School in the UK with an MBA. Her dissertation mirrored her personal and professional interest in anti-aging market research and changing attitudes toward aging.

Tania is a creator of Phace Gym Live®, Over 50 and Fabulous, 12 Months Younger, and several courses, including Wrinkle-Free Forehead and I Feel Good About My Neck.

To book your consultation with Tana, follow the link:

http://tatianak1.sg-host.com/product/phace-gym-coaching/  – 1 session

http://tatianak1.sg-host.com/product/phace-gym-coaching-x-6/ – package of 6 sessions



Tania Klein
Tania is a driving force of the company. She runs med spa operations as well as Phace Gym Live classes,  courses, and trainings. She helps clients to change their life situations, adjust their mindset and age perception, restore their confidence and positive outlook at life and their future.

Justine Davis, RN – Master Injector

Our patients confess all the time their love for Justine. She is an incredible injector that has impeccable skills, fine taste, artistic eye for detail and individual approach for each client. Everyone treated by Justine get the exact results they are looking for. She is a super star and her stage is a procedure room.

Justine Davis, R.N., is a registered surgical nurse with over 17 years of experience working in prominent plastic surgery offices in the Boston area and a Master Nurse Injector with over 10 years of experience. Her gentle touch and a keen eye for beauty, aesthetics, and the anatomy of the face make her an exceptional injector. Justine is dedicated to delivering amazing and natural results to her patients and has hundreds of loyal followers who adore Justine, appreciate her impeccable technique and love the results they see in the mirror. To book your appointment with Justine Davis, RN please call 508-599-4428 or book online.

Ida Kalavantis, RN – Master Injector

Ida Kalavantis, a Master Aesthetic Injector, started her career as an operating room nurse, working alongside plastic surgeons, and still continues to do so. With her exceptional skills and artistic eye, she delivers natural-looking results that showcase her passion for her work.

Ida collaborates with each patient to create a personalized treatment plan that helps them achieve their desired aesthetic goals. She specializes in Advanced Neurotoxin and Dermal Filler injections, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, IPL, Laser Resurfacing, Micro-needling RF, and Electronic Body Contouring.

Ida is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses and attends annual conventions to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. Over the years, she has earned a reputation for her vast knowledge of cosmetic treatments and her patient-centric approach to care.

To book your appointment with Ida Kalavantis, RN please call 508-599-4428 or book online.

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Our Partners

We partner with selected medical spas across the New England and anti-aging enthusiasts across the Globe to create mutually beneficial relationships:. By providing injectable and photo rejuvenation services we help our partners to increase their service portfolio. At the same time our patients become their patients for skin care and beauty treatments.

Blush Spa

A professional makeup artistry and skincare boutique salon in Waltham, MA. Blush Spa and it’s owners Arlene’s mission is to bring out your inner beauty of her clients and to give each and every one of them  an experience that they will love and cherish forever.