While face and neck restorative practices and modalities are slowly getting noticed by the public eye, they are still far from going mainstream. Many people are still wondering if the face and neck exercises are really working and can make a difference in the way we look and feel.

This situation reminds me of the beginning of the fitness era.

It is hard to imagine, but it  took many decades for modern society to realize the benefits of physical exercises: before the 70s people didn’t really exercise regularly, and not until the 80s the North American fitness movement hit its full “craze” status.

Facial muscles are also muscles, and as any other muscles in the body they benefit from physical activities and massages. Daily face and neck exercises allow us to gradually restore facial muscles and remove unwanted folds, lines and wrinkles.  

I have been working in the field of dermatology and regenerative medicine for eight years, and I invested over 15 years in my personal anti-aging research, which led to endless self-experimentation and discoveries of the best anti-aging practices, everyday rules, lifestyle modifications, and restorative techniques and modalities. I also tested different face and neck exercises and sequences, and as a result I created a simple anti-aging face exercise program Phace Gym that is suitable for everyone who is interested in looking younger and feeling happier regardless of their age. 

I run live classes at 9:30 am EDT (Boston/New-York) Monday through Friday!

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