Stress doesn’t look good on anyone. When you are in a stressful situation your body becomes tight and your face looks tense, none of this adds to our beauty and well-being. 

But what is stress? To me stress is our reaction to reality when it doesn’t meet our expectations. Most of the time there  is a  gap between our idea of how things should be and the reality. But sometimes this gap becomes bigger than we are ready to accept and this is how we become stressed out. In other words we generate stress when we don’t like the reality and try to resist it. Of course, you can resist as much as you want but reality will always win. 

When you have strong reactions to the gaps between your ideas of reality and reality itself you live in constant 3F state (fight, flight or freeze). This is not a natural state for you to be but since your body has no choice it adjusts, and when it does our body begin to function creatively. So instead of using the direct routes for nutrients and oxygen supply it uses detours. This supply chain is not efficient and eventually it can experience all sorts of issues, and when it does we have health problems and don’t look our best. 

So yes, try to eliminate as much stress from your life as you can or look at stress differently (aka try to close the gap between your idea of reality and the reality – also a possibility).