Over fifty and fabulous 

The Age Optimization Protocol

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I am writing a book for women over fifty who have safely arrived at the second adulthood, but instead of being filled with excitement and jumping up and down in joy, they are unsure what to do next. This is understandable. Nobody warned them ahead of time that their lives would be different from those of women from previous generations. They did not plan for the second act.  There is no script or proceeding manual.  With a few exceptions, women in the past had very similar lives to those that their mothers and grandmothers lived before them. Perhaps, they followed the usual paths – they went to a college, got married, raised a family, had a career. Their traditional life function is completed. Now they are over fifty and still healthy, beautiful, and full of energy. So, what now? New family? New job? Or maybe to start a business? Or a movement? And what to do with all these physical changes in general and wrinkles, in particular? Many feel that they are in a foreign country but don’t speak the language or have a map and local currency.

I know how it feels. I’ve been there myself, which is why I write this book – to share my thoughts, ideas, and finding of what is possible in the second part of life. Hence, you change your outlook at the unfolding in front of us reality, and together, we can change the old age mentality and create a more exciting, supportive, and flexible world.  The prime time is not behind you; it is right in front of you.  This book is your guide on how to adjust to the new age reality, succeed in new roles, and stay young, vibrant, confident, and comfortable in your own skin for the next fifty years.