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Our med spa treatments are ranging from the instant gratification cosmetic injections to a medical grade photo rejuvenation procedures that remove years of sun damage from your face, decolletes and hands.

From courses to 1:1 and group coaching to online “How to” classes, we provide individual and group educational and coaching solutions that help you to reinvent yourself and restore your beauty, youth and confidence.

Daily face and neck exercises give you the ability to achieve your own non-surgical face-lift without high investment, discomfort, side effects, and inconvenience.


We partner with selected medical spas across the New England and anti-aging enthusiasts across the Globe to create mutually beneficial relationships


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Our Philosophy

Longevity Escape Velocity, often abbreviated as LEV, is a concept in the field of life extension and longevity research. It envisions a future point where advancements in medical and biotechnological sciences accelerate human life expectancy to a degree where, for every passing year, individuals gain more than a year of additional life expectancy. In simpler terms, it’s a theoretical scenario where our ability to slow down the aging process and combat age-related diseases becomes so advanced that it surpasses the natural aging process itself.

The underlying idea of Longevity Escape Velocity is that, once this milestone is reached, individuals could potentially lead significantly longer, healthier lives, and perhaps even indefinitely. Currently, the average life expectancy in many developed countries hovers around 70 to 80 years, but the aspiration is that LEV could push this boundary substantially higher.

It’s essential to emphasize that Longevity Escape Velocity remains a concept and has not yet become a proven scientific reality. Achieving LEV would likely necessitate major breakthroughs in various domains, including regenerative medicine, genetic engineering, and anti-aging therapies. While notable progress has been made in these areas, there’s still a considerable amount of research and development required before LEV becomes a practical possibility.

Overall, Longevity Escape Velocity is a captivating concept that has ignited the enthusiasm of many in the field of longevity science, as it holds the promise of significantly extending human lifespan beyond current limits. Some optimistic researchers have even forecasted that humans might reach LEV in the 2030s. This is indeed an exciting prospect. However, until then, it remains crucial for us to make every effort to maintain our youth, vitality, health, and beauty.

Here at Rejuvenation Station, we’re here to help you on your journey to feeling and looking your best. We understand that everyone’s needs are unique, so we offer a variety of solutions to cater to your specific preferences and goals.

For those seeking immediate results, we provide aesthetic injections that can effectively reduce wrinkles and instantly improve sagging skin. It’s a quick and efficient way to rejuvenate your appearance.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more holistic approach to facial restoration, we offer daily Phace Gym classes and coaching to help you make positive lifestyle changes. This approach focuses on improving not just your outer appearance but also your overall well-being.

So, while the magic pill of the future may still be on the horizon, at Rejuvenation Station, we’re here to support you in looking and feeling your best right now, right way – your way

Be well and fabulous!

Tania Klein,
Founder and CEO


You Hold The Power Within

We know that people age differently, and some individuals look much younger and stay more active much longer than people of the same chronological age. Sometimes we say that these people won in the genetic lottery.  But is it all about genes?

While genes play a certain role in our health and the way we look, contrary to popular belief, they are not primarily responsible for our well-being and longevity.

Recent studies suggest that genes accounted for well under 7 percent of people’s life span (versus the 20 to 30 percent of most previous estimates). The rest is our responsibility. And this is excellent news; because by choosing how we live and what we do, we can significantly improve our health, increase lifespan, look younger, and in general, have a more meaningful and happy life.

Inspiration, Education & Practical Tools

Learn the secrets of looking younger

According to Harvard psychologist Dr. Ellen Langer, “wherever you put the mind, the body will follow.” Every thought you think causes a reaction in your body. Choose your thoughts wisely!

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Justine is incredibly nice, knowledgeable and experienced. She takes pride in her work and it shows!
Yana I.

Justine did an incredible job! The procedure was hardly painful and I got an amazing results. 
Nicole M

I can’t say enough good things about Rejuvenation Station! The staff is professional, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the results I am having are outstanding. In addition to medical anti-aging treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers and Photodynamic rejuvenation, they offer Phace Gym.

I joined Phace Gym in September 2019. Doing facial exercises every morning allows me to look in the mirror without fear of getting older. Phace Gym helps to reverse the visual signs of aging, and I look and feel younger!

Thank you to Tania and everyone at Rejuvenation Station from the bottom of my heart!

Tatiana Rayev

I was looking for a cosmetic injector, and as many of us out there, found Rejuvenation Station after a series of trials and errors. The key words are “I found”.
Justine is an amazing injector. She is talented, knowledgeable and delivered results that surpassed my expectations. I live on the North Shore but don’t mind taking a trip to see Justine at Blush Spa in Waltham. It’s totally worth it.

Tatiana Davidkovich


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