How to stay vibrant, confident and comfortable in your own skin by using proven restorative techniques and modalities

Description: Step by step guidance on how to create your personal restorative protocol. You’ll learn how your perception of age affects you mentally, physically and emotionally and why the 50s are truly new 30s (and the 60s and 70s are new 40s). You’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes that age us and how to introduce healthier habits that will keep you on track for years to come. You’ll learn how you can look visibly younger by reducing wrinkles, erasing fine lines, tightening your skin and refreshing the skin color and glow with the face and neck exercises, massaging techniques and a simple 5-step skincare routine.

Who it’s for: This course is ideal for women over 40 who started noticing the visual signs of aging and understand that creams alone cannot solve all their anti-aging concerns. While wrinkles are not going to stop these women from living their lives to the fullest, they are not planning to give up either. They definitely are not leaning towards graceful aging, but also are not ready in the invasive procedures. These women know that they have the power within to restore and rejuvenate themselves but need the guidance and would like to follow a simple, clear and effective protocol that will help them to stay young, healthy and beautiful. This is equally applicable to women who are looking for a new solution or an addition to their current self-care routine.

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The course content will be available for 3 months and includes live monthly group coaching sessions on Zoom.

What past course participants are saying about Forever Beautiful course:

“Tania is an incredible person with so much knowledge about Wellbeing and well feeling. All information and exercises in the course were super easy to implement and at the same time incredibly effective. I never had thought that so much is possible. I can recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn to get the best out of themselves and go through life with a good self-esteem”. Ingrid Eckel

“Tania is very inspiring and knows a lot about different ways to boost your self-esteem and improve your well-being as well as appearance. She has a talent to deliver new information in an easy and fun way”. Elena Lebedev

It’s  the right place to start working with facial muscles and it shifts your self – care and self love mindset in the right direction.In my opinion the best thing about the course is lots of information provided in each unit to build members’ awareness on the importance of a holistic self – care program. I really like the theoretical lessons in each of 4 units  of this course, which is something  really helpful for all the participants. AS well, it is something unique this course is offering , compared to other facial gym courses I have done online ( and I have done many of them, even paid ones). Laura Xhaxhiu

“Forever beautiful” is about so much more than our “looks” ! Our “looks” are mirrors inside. To observe ourselves,  to practice healthy and holistic habits (diet, exercise, sleep) and to love ourselves are the basic yet far-reaching tenets of this course”. Eva Lund

“It’s definitely worth it. You need to find 10-15 min a day to dedicate to yourself and to your future even more beautiful you”. Alexandra Varzhapetian 

“When you follow this course, you will learn to love your skincare routine even more and integrate exercises that help you to focus on yourself and switch off from everything else around you for a few moments every day. And, you will be in the company of a true expert and passionate teacher who embodies her message. I found myself smiling back at Tania as I watched each video!Carol-Ann Smith

“You definitely have to sign up as the shown techniques are priceless and you  will benefit from them the whole life.” Magdalene Sobotta