Once upon a time there were two beautiful women living in Boston. They both were well educated, well-traveled and led an active lifestyle.  When they turned 50  they began developing the same issue – droopy eyelids.  

Droopy eyelids don’t make anyone super attractive. So what to do? How to solve this problem?

One woman started researching plastic surgeons and in a few months she had an eyelid surgery. The problem was solved for $5,000 and a couple of weeks of recovery time. She was happy. 

Another woman decided to take a different approach. She joined Phace Gym. She exercised 20 minutes every day 5 days a week and after 3 months she had results comparable with plastic surgery – all for $65 a month. She was extremely happy. She had other positive effects and in general was now looking at least 10 years younger.

One problem – two different solutions? Which one would you choose?