I will be repeating this again, and again, and again. Because I truly believe in this and I want you to believe in this too. Despite your current circumstances, your upbringing, your experience, your background, your education, your country of origin, your profession and most of all your age.

One of my childhood memories of my Mom and her girlfriends was that they called each other grandmas. Hey, Grandma Galina! Hello, Grandma NIna! It was a joke  but I did not like it. They were young, beautiful, professional women, mostly doctors (most of my Mom’s friends were her colleagues) in their late 30s – early 40s with pre-school and school age children – not grandmas by any means, yet they were minimizing themselves and their abilities by declaring that they are old, fragile and incapable. At least this is how I perceived it and this rubbed me in the wrong direction. 

So ever since when I witnessed that a woman in her 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond is told she is old it triggers the same feeling: minimizing the women’s importance, role and everlasting beauty because of her age did not agree with me. I immediately want to jump between her and the person who puts her in the “old” category and say: Stop it! Immediately! She is not old! Sometimes I even want to punch this person in the nose. I never did although.

I believe that women don’t have to age according to the (outdated) society norms and  give up on themselves and their dreams – ever.  

This is why I help women to stay young, healthy and beautiful by providing inspiration, education and practical tools. And while self-confidence is an internal state, sometimes you need a little bit of the external boost to feel better about yourself. The mirror effect – also known as Look Better, Feel Better – is a powerful tool. 

Phace Gym routines are one of the skill sets that I equipe women with. They learn how regular face and neck exercises can transform the way they look and feel.