You are never too old to be Young, Happy, Healthy and Beautiful

On July 27 we are going to a 4-week journey of self-discovery. We will learn some of the proven restorative practices and techniques that you can incorporate in your daily routine and start reversing aging. 
In this course I will share with you: 
• How your perception of age affects you mentally, physically and emotionally and why the 50s are truly new 30s. 
• How to avoid common mistakes that age us. 
• How to create your own restorative routine by gradually introducing healthy habits.
• How to reduce wrinkles, erase fine lines, tighten sagging skin and refresh skin color and glow with the face and neck exercises and massaging techniques.
• How to take care of your skin by using a 5-step skincare routine 
You can apply to participate in my pilot course Forever beautiful by following the link:
Applications accepted until July 26th midnight. 
Let’s do it, Ladies!
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