Weekly Face Mask Ritual

Collection of Over 50 Homemade Face Mask Recipes


I used to write helpful books. But then I moved to a new country and had to start all over. Although I ghostwrote a book ten years ago, it took me another ten years to get back to my writing and publishing. And my first helpful book, “Weekly Face Mask Ritual: Collection of Over 50 Homemade Face Mask Recipes,” is dedicated to my Mom, who was a big enthusiast of natural remedies. She used to make face masks from any seasonal fruit and berries. I’ve learned about face masks from my Mom, and my daughter Yana (featured on the cover) learned from both of us.

Mom used to say, “Love your face, and it will love you back!”

My book “Weekly Face Mask Ritual: Collection of Over 50 Homemade Face Mask Recipes” offers a simple yet effective self-care ritual. The book is available on Amazon in two formats, Kindle and paperback.


There are multiple paybacks in providing extra care to your skin. And one of the ways to do it is to make a weekly face mask ritual. Of course, if you want more consistent results, you can treat yourself to a face mask more than once a week. 

Face masks have many great benefits, including:

  • Refines skin pores
  • Increases hydration
  • Diminishes fine lines
  • It gives an even skin tone
  • Improves the skin texture
  • Clears the complexion

There are many types and kinds of facial masks – nourishing, lightening, cleansing, pore reducing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and skin tightening – to name a few. However, most masks will provide more than one benefit to the skin.

While face masks cannot restore the age-related structural changes in your physical appearance – to do that, you need to join Phace Gym or use other anti-aging treatments, aesthetic or medical procedures; they can help improve your skin if done consistently over time.

Homemade facial masks can contain one, two, three, or more ingredients. Making a mask is easier than you think, and the ingredients are planful. The best way is to make a mask and use it right away.

To start a ritual, you must commit to at least one face mask a week if you want to treat yourself to a mask more often – that’s great. Your skin will thank you!

The collection of recipes in this book will keep you going for a year plus some.

Self-care is a process in which you are not a passive observer but an active participant. We often overestimate what we can do in a short time and underestimate what we can achieve when we consistently work on something (like ourselves) over a long period. Rome was not built in a day, and if we want to see how we look and feel improve, we have to start somewhere and move towards the goal. One face mask, one beauty routine at a time.

Be well and beautiful!