“Never underestimate your value and your influence. You have something to offer the world that no one else can.” -Germany Kent

My fascination with face and neck exercises began in 2012 when my friend Irina Barinova introduced me to the possibility of restoring one’s face and neck by doing a set of facial manipulations in front of the mirror. I was forty-six then, and my mom commented that I didn’t look as young as I used to. “You are getting wrinkles,” she said. I jokingly responded that I did not worry about it because I could always fix wrinkles with Botox injections. My mom did not like that idea. She made me promise that before turning to injections, I would look for natural anti-aging alternatives. She suggested that maybe I needed to sleep better so I didn’t look tired. Maybe my diet was lacking some essential nutrients? Or maybe I needed to invest in better skincare products and do face masks more regularly? If she’d known about face exercises, she would probably have suggested trying them. But face exercises were not widely popular at that time.

I was working full time, managing a private dermatology clinic, doing medical billing for my husband’s private practice, and raising a daughter while pursuing my second master’s degree. My busy schedule and many deadlines were surely cutting into sleep time. However, I knew that sleep was essential, not from scientific research but from my own experience. Days when I had not had adequate sleep the night before were not very productive. I felt as if I was running out of fuel midday. I began paying more attention to my sleep schedule.

Simultaneously, I began exploring face and neck exercises and incorporating my research and findings into my MBA studies. I even created a short sixty-day study to validate the effectiveness of face exercises. Thirty of my friends agreed to participate in the study. They all received a CD with five sets of exercises that I’d recorded for them. The goal was to do these exercises daily, alternating routines. I collected intake forms and before pictures, excited for everyone to see the results after two months. What happened was that only three women (including myself) completed the program. All three of us experienced visible improvements.

The results from this experiment caused me to conclude that

  1. face exercises work, and
  2. few people consistently engage in facial exercises on their own.

I was thinking about which platform I could use to teach live classes to provide engagement and structure. However, at that time, Zoom had not yet gained widespread popularity among the general public, and I did not know about it. I continued researching and practicing face exercises while living my life.

My plans changed a few years later when Tatiana Rayev, a close friend, invited me to join her at a local library for a decluttering workshop. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to deepen our shared interests. Little did I know that this workshop would become a turning point in our lives. As the workshop concluded, the organizers approached Tatiana, expressing gratitude for her attendance and bringing her daughter along.

This incident caught us both off guard, as Tatiana, who is only a couple of years older than me, corrected them, saying, “She’s not my daughter. She’s my friend.” A wave of awkwardness washed over me, and I wasn’t sure how to react.

A few weeks later, Tatiana invited me to visit a nearby farm with her to buy fresh eggs. Upon our arrival, the farmer warmly greeted us and complimented Tatiana for bringing her daughter to experience the farm. At that moment, I feared losing my friend due to these recurring misconceptions.

However, Tatiana’s response surprised me. With grace and openness, she turned to me and said, “Please teach me what you do and show me your face exercises.” At that precise moment, the seeds of the Phace Gym online program were planted.

In 2019, Tatiana became my first student and has remained dedicated to practicing face exercises ever since. Through consistent practice and unwavering commitment, Tatiana’s transformation became undeniable. She began to radiate beauty and vitality, and no longer did anyone mistake us as mother and daughter. Her rejuvenated appearance spoke volumes about the effectiveness of face exercises.

Tatiana’s incredible success became the driving force behind the establishment of Phace Gym. Today, my mission for Phace Gym and other programs is to empower women just like Tatiana to unlock their natural beauty through targeted facial exercises and lifestyle modifications that go hand in hand.

My hope is that this book will motivate and inspire you to reconsider your own age and travel the path of self-discovery and self-care. Each of us has the potential to become the best version of ourselves and continue growing, regardless of our present age and life stage. The process of accelerated aging is optional, and my deepest desire is for you to choose to opt out.

Here’s to the marvelous journey of reinventing our wings—no matter our age—and embracing the true essence of being over fifty and absolutely fabulous!