12 months younger

Take control of your health and youth by making small changes to your days and creating good habits with 12 months of health and well-being challenges.

12 Months Younger – 12 months Schedule
January – Added Sugar Detox (ongoing)
February – Decluttering 15 minutes a day 
March – Neck Restoration with a 4-week course “I feel good about my neck.”
April – Daily meditation
May – 10,000 steps a day
June – Cool shower and eight glasses of water
July – 7 fruit and vegetables daily 
August – A face mask a day
September – 10 minutes of yoga a day
October – No processed food – clean eating
November – Gratitude Journal
December – do one thing that makes you happy every day.

Many people think there is one crucial tool or necessary action that will make them look and feel younger. But it’s never one thing. No one technique, practice, recommendation, product, or diet will solve all your age-related concerns. Even Phace Gym 🙂 Pace Gym is an essential but not exclusive tool in your anti-aging toolbox. Save your time searching for the miracle potion. Instead, if you want to be in control, not at the mercy of the aging process, obtain the tools and learn the skillset you can use to achieve your anti-aging goals.

Experts agree that certain lifestyle modifications allow people to live longer while staying healthier. The opposite is true: poor lifestyle choices can seriously affect how a person ages.

We must eliminate bad habits and replace them with good ones to achieve the desired results. It sounds simple enough, but easier said than done.  

I don’t know about you, but habit creation can be a real hassle for me. While I have developed quite a few good habits over the years, developing them took time, determination, and persistence.

And the best time to start implementing good habits is the beginning of a new year. 

Description: 12 months of health and wellbeing challenges  – one month – one monthly challenge

Who it’s for: This program is for women over 40 who are interested in improving their life on many different levels.

Instructors and mentors: Coaches, yoga teachers, and meditation practitioners from around the Globe.

Fee:  $395 for 12 months or 45 per month (billed monthly). 

Every month we will do one challenge that will help us improve our physical, emotional, and mental health and look younger.

When you fill out the form, please indicate which challenges you are interested in participating in.

You don’t have to participate in all 12 challenges unless you want to. You can pick and choose the areas of improvement. But as a rule of thumb, if the challenge seems too hard or you resist, you must enroll in this one. 

But first, you must sign up for the program so I can count you in. Here is a link:

At the beginning of each challenge, you will need to complete a survey stating your goals and expectations. 

At the end of each challenge, you will need to complete a survey sharing your experience, obstacles, and results. 

The full schedule has yet to be available (I am still working on it and will update you ASAP), but January 2023 will be the No Added Sugar Challenge. Get excited – after a month of holiday feasts, you will need a reboot.

We will use several platforms for this program, including a Facebook group called (you guessed correctly!) 12 Months Younger. 

The rules of the first and each following challenge will be provided before the challenge.

Let’s make 2023 the year of big breakthroughs and amazing wins! 

Let’s get younger together!

Tania Yanis Klein